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Why is my Bible at the bottom of the pile?

My husband thinks I'm a crazy person. Just at the moment, not usually. Right now, I'm inclined to agree with him.

Since the last post, I have been writing/submitting day in and day out. Another rejection came in for the fantasy short story I mentioned a few posts ago. A huge blessing, however, as the kindly assistant editor gave fantastic feedback. And she was right! I'm re-editing accordingly.

My nightstand looks shameful to me right now. The stack of reading includes a novel and two literary mags. Two writing journals sit somewhere in the stack, but my Bible is at the bottom.

At first, I thought, shame! I obviously haven't been in the Word because my current reading sits above it. Then I realized, no, I don't serve a God of shame. So I picked up the Bible and moved it to the top of the pile where it waits for me to finish posting and come read prior to bed.

It's no excuse, but I have been in high gear with no break pedal. I finally signed up for a…