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Recent and Upcoming Short Story Publications

Addendum (8/18/15): I just received word that "Tight Pants," a short piece that Page & Spine accepted about a year ago, will be published on August 28, 2015 (yay!)

I've been overwhelmed with all the blessings that have been coming my way in the writing realm. God is so good. It's difficult to know where to begin since I've neglected the blog and can hardly remember the last thing I posted (before yesterday's post).

Upcoming Publications

A short story, "The Empty Girl," will appear in Revisions: Stories of Starting Over in October. This will be Collection #7 from the Florida Writers Association. Out of that number, I've had four previous pieces appear. I'm very excited to be featured this year after not making it last year.

A reprint, "The Mute Girl," will appear in Youth Imagination magazine. Date TBD. The fantasy piece originally appeared in eFantasy.

I'm also still in line for publication on a short story called "Ti…

Ticket to Heaven, a ten-year-old story

Another short story published! And this one, anyone can read.

"Ticket to Heaven" is now available online at Faith Hope and Fiction.
I wrote this piece in 2005, a year or so out of college. It sat in my computer files getting digitally dusty, but I've always had a difficult time figuring out what I should do with it.
The story is about a college-aged drug addict in-denial who encounters an old man handing out tickets to heaven. After she accepts the ticket, a miracle happens and leads her on a path to redemption. The story includes, among other things, drug use, a Bible-quoting drug dealer, and the Gospel message.

Why has it been so difficult for me to find a place to submit the story? It's not because of the drug use or real-world scenarios, but because most of the magazines accepting spiritual/inspirational/Christian themes want non-fiction. I've had a really hard time finding places that accept Christian fiction. The word count was a little long fo…