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Winner of the Rafflecopter Giveaway

Congratulations, Rebecca! You've won a $50 Amazon Gift Card! I'll be contacting you personally via email to arrange the receipt of your winnings.
Thank You For Participating!
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Rafflecopter Giveaway. There were over 150 entries! Keep an eye out for future giveaways because I will certainly be doing more.
You Named a Character
There was one entry that was particularly close to my heart: Name a Character. I was thrilled to see so many participants naming a character, and the names were so creative! I will be using every single one of them in future stories.

Here are the Character Names:
Linnea Larson
AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Spoonbob (can't wait to find a character who will fit that name!)

Would you like to receive a credit for naming a character?
For those who provided a character name, thank you! They were all fanta…

RPLA Semi-Finalist: The Running Girls

 2017 Royal Palm Literary Award Semi-Finalist

The Running Girls Published Novella Category
I received exciting news that The Running Girls has reached the RPLA semi-finals. In a few months, I'll find out if the novelette will continue on to the finals.
Even if not, it's a privilege to have made it this far. Every year, the competition grows in number of entries. The most beneficial aspect has to be the two judges providing detailed feedback. If The Running Girls makes it to the finals, there will be a third judge providing comments as well.

About the Story
With some inspiration from her cross country coach, Clara decides to take on a summer running challenge: complete 500 miles in three months. The problem? Her parents don't want her jogging all those miles alone, but Clara doesn't want to run with the girl they suggest. Joan is weird, and something seems to be mentally wrong with her. Except none of Clara's other friends run. Will she complete the challenge, or does b…

Writing Epic Fantasy

In a world called Livinity...

I'd rather not mention how long ago I started writing my epic fantasy trilogy....cough, cough, since 2001, cough, hack...
Back then I had the idea that I was writing a single fantasy novel. It wasn't until Livinity won a First Place award in 2011 for Unpublished Fantasy novel that I decided to take the advice of agent Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency and split the book into two. The single novel was too long, and agents like herself would have trouble placing it with a publisher.

As I went about splitting up the completed novel, I realized that I had more to tell. That included adding scenes to the first and second books, and expanding the story to create enough content for a trilogy. It's taken a lot of time.

Book One: Done
I LOVE writing in this world. I spent a lot of time editing scenes to improve world-building, as that was a weak point in early drafts. When I completed the latest draft of Book One in the trilogy, I started querying …

A Rafflecopter Giveaway: Win an Amazon Gift Card

Writing For the Love Contest

I'm running a free contest through Rafflecopter that starts today! From April 7th through May 5th, enter for free through the Rafflecopter Link.

Q: How much time do I have to enter the contest?
A: The free contest runs from 12:00 AM EST Friday, April 7th through 12:00 AM Friday, May 5th, 2017. That's about a month. Keep in mind that the closing date is one minute after 11:59 PM on May 4th, so it might help to think of May 4th as the deadline.

Q: Why is the contest so long? I want to find out if I win sooner.
A: One of the entry options is to review my books. You have three books to choose from, and you can review all three for more entries. The month-long contest gives participants a chance to read my books (they are all novella-length and shorter). There is also a limit to once a day for selecting the book review entry. Anyone wanting to get points for more than one book review will need that many number of da…

Soul Attitude Press Book Sale

Book Signing
Book Signing with Local Authors Bria Burton & John Rehg RSVP ON FACEBOOK Where: Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk Beach Blvd South, Gulfport, FL When: Friday, 4/7/17 from 6-10pm
Visit local authors Bria Burton (that's me!) and John Rehg of Soul Attitude Press at the Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk on Friday, April 7th. We'll have giveaways and great deals!

My award-winning novella Little Angel Helper will be available along with my other published works. For fans of ebooks, I will sign and personalize my ebooks for you!

Forms of payment accepted include cash, Paypal, and Credit Cards.

Put a little SOUL in your story!

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Award Winner: Little Angel Helper

A Broke 30-Something Guy
A Sister With Special Needs
A Teacher Who Will Do What it Takes to Help Them

At the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards, Little Angel Helper won Third Place in the Published Novella category.
Awards Don't Get Old It was an exciting evening where friends walked across the stage to receive their awards and the chocolate dessert begged to be finished while politely asking to be kept pristine at the same time.

Do I eat you or just admire you?
My category fell near the end of the ceremony, but I had a great group at my table. They encouraged me and almost convinced me not to be nervous.

Love these ladies!
Every year, I talk myself into not being disappointed when my name isn't called. After two First Place RPLAs, it might sound silly, but I convince myself that I haven't won anything every time. Which is why I'm so shocked when the presenter reads the logline of my book.
"Thirty-something Bradley Hunter is broke and can't take care of his…